Project Number 2

For this project we had to create a container for a special object using paper, fabric and thread. I chose to make my container by scoring the sides of a piece of cardboard, and stitching the side together with brown thread. I used the same thread to make my loom on which i decided to weave my own fabric. My first prototype was not very effective because it didn’t have a place for me to put the ring (my special object) where it wouldn’t fall out. this is what brought about my second loom. The way it is woven creates a hole in the center between the 2 triangle shapes where I am then able to place my ring.

the reason I chose this ring as my special object is because a friend made it for me on a mission trip. On the mission trip we worked a lot with the homeless which inspired the tattered cardboard and the sloppy stitches. We also worked a great deal with children, which is what inspired the use of blue, and pink thread in the fabric.
  My most recent change to this project is in response to comments made during our final critique of this project. I was told that my project would be more effective if the thread were brown, like the stitching on the side. 

About kmharri5

I am a highly motivated young designer. I am a graduate of the school of Interior Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I love a challenge. I aspire to make a difference, and I have the passion and the drive it takes to do so.
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