Project Number 3

For our third project we had to construct a 4″ x 4″x 4″ cube out of bristol board with an 8″x 8″ base, and have it elevated 4″ above the ground by an integral structure made from plastic drinking straws. I first made a sketch model out of cardboard on which i tested out a bunch of techniques to get the sides of the cube to stay together. My original idea was to weave a side of the cube out of straws. Then  I made this model from bristol board and found that it kept bowing when i tried to weave the  straws. In response, i decided to settle with cross beams to hold the cube off the ground. These cross beams also give the cube the appearance  of being torn apart. Although, there is still something to be desired in this project. I plan on continuing to play around with different ideas to try and improve it even more. 


About kmharri5

I am a highly motivated young designer. I am a graduate of the school of Interior Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I love a challenge. I aspire to make a difference, and I have the passion and the drive it takes to do so.
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