Afluenza- Film Response

Before watching this film I had forgotten that “consumption” used to be the word that described Tuberculosis (TB)- a terrible DISEASE. “Consumption,” in the economic sense of the word, is still a deadly disease in American society today. Consumption has become embedded in our culture so deeply that our constant pursuit for “more” is not only separating us from our hard earned cash, but also from our families and sometimes, in extreme cases, our financial security as well; With all of these “symptoms” adding up to become the source of the slow death of our overall quality of life. Ironic isn’t it? How we could enjoy life so much more if we would slow down for a minute to enjoy what we have already, but can’t because we are so focused on and frustrated by our pursuit of the “ideal” lifestyle. We make our lives so miserable in the process of chasing after something we are “told” will make us much happier. In a nutshell, the film calls us to free ourselves from our STUFF and live more simply as part of the cure to our disease. Simple/Minimalist living has been an aspiration of mine for many years now.

Living a simi-nomadic lifestyle while in college has shown me that we middle class Americans just have way too much stuff. Tired of hauling my accumulation of excess belongings around, I vowed to purchase fewer things of higher quality that will last. I plan to make most of my major purchases an “investment.” Buying furnishings, etc. that will appreciate in value rather than depreciate. This “quality over quantity” lifestyle I have chosen for myself also informs my design work in that I will produce products and interiors that are designed/built to last using methods that enhance durability, lengthening the design’s life cycle, and using materials that are both sustainable and recyclable.


About kmharri5

I am a highly motivated young designer. I am a graduate of the school of Interior Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I love a challenge. I aspire to make a difference, and I have the passion and the drive it takes to do so.
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One Response to Afluenza- Film Response

  1. Eileen Carroll says:

    Well said, as always Kelly – Eileen

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